Chapter 2 of 12

February is officially over. And besides the fact that it was really stressfull, I learnt a few little things.

Friends will always be there for you

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen a friend for two months, if she is truly your friend, when you meet again it will be like time hasn’t gone by. Also I learnt that friends are ready to give up a party for you or studying time if you really need them. But the best thing about it, is that you won’t even have to ask, they’ll do it because they care about you. Still, I you can’t take friends for granted; you need to make time for everyone because it can result in losing a friendship.


If something goes wrong, fill your time with things you love

As I said, it has been a really difficult month for me. Full of changes, decisions to make and disappointments. I decided to leave that aside, and instead I went out with friends; I made some sightseeing, went to parties, cooked and danced. I like to take my mind out of things and just enjoy the moment.


Try new things

Valentine’s Day came with a lot of surprises. My friends and I decided to go on blind dates, although it was a massive fail and the night didn’t end in a good way for me, it was a fun activity to try.


Embrace your weirdness

Everyone has their little perks. I always knew I was a little bit weird but I found out that it was a million times better if I could share my weirdness with others. Therefore, if I want to take a picture in front of everyone doing a random pose, there will always be a person who won’t hesitate to join in.


Walk in the rain

Rainy days are my favorite I would always open my windows, snuggle in bed and watch a movie. One particular day I decided I wanted to go out. No cellphones, no music, just an umbrella and me. It was a really nice walk which helped me to clear my mind, think about stuff and enjoy the beautiful skies and smell left by the hours and hours of heavy raining.


Hope you enjoy the post,

Lots of love,



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  1. Basant She dice:

    Your post felt so warm and fuzzy. The pictures add such a wonderful effect to all the mini stories! Chapter 2 of 12 is such a beautiful title, I loved it the second I read it! Thank you so much for participating and joining us this month and I truly hope you do so in the future at well 🙂 Have a lovely day ahead of you!

    Basant She

    Me gusta

  2. Basant She dice:

    Hey! I have to really apologize for the delay this month, technical difficulties mixed with a little writer’s blocked really fazed me, I’m sorry! You can find my post for this month here: , I’d love it if you participated once again! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

    Basant She

    Me gusta


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